Motorola MVME machine available. (UK)

Rob O'Donnell at
Sat Dec 17 04:26:57 CST 2005

I think I sent this originally from the wrong email address,  and 
it's disappeared into a black hole (or is just held up for 
moderation.. My apologies if it turns up twice..)

OK, I've finally decided I'm never going to get a chance to play with this,
so  it's looking for a new home where it can receive the love and 
attention it deserves.

It's one of those black stacking motorola machines - just pile up 
discs on top ... (and connect the scsi and control and power cables 
on the back..)

Main unit. P/N 01-W2522D01A.  Second bay P/N 01-W2519D01A.

Boards are labled MVME 187 and I/O.  Latter has the scsi and control 
on it, 4xserial and 10baseT and AUI ports.
And it's got a tape drive in it.  No floppy.

My understanding is that this machine was only in service for a 
matter of months, maybe even weeks, then the user reverted back to 
their previous (accounts) system and this ended up under a desk for 
the next several years, before I rescued it.  It's therefore not been 
powered up for about ten years ... I assume it's still loaded up with 
whatever it ran (Possibly UNIX, SVR4 from memory, plus applications).

It comes with no cables, no documentation, no passwords...  I believe 
you can run NetBSD on it..

Free to loving home, for collection only from Salford, (near Manchester), UK.

Also available at the same time (take them, please!!!) two or three 
Wyse dumb terminals (Wy-120 and Wy-30), at least one of another make, 
multiple pentium-1 and 486 PCs in various conditions, couple of early 
portable PCs (one compaq missing a keyboard, I think), some printers, 
monitors, etc.

Interested parties please email me on robert at irrelevant dot com.


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