Apple 1 on eBay - shameless self promotion

Bryan K. Blackburn oldcomp at
Mon Dec 19 08:30:32 CST 2005

First of all I guess I haven't been clear. I apologize for that. I have 
answered several private emails on the topic, not realizing that none 
were going to the list:

The boards were made by Stephen Gabaly, who brought us the Mark-8 
replicas. He also supplied the bulk of the parts. He will be offering 
more kits, probably between $400-600 each depending on the included 
parts. I have no further information.

My biggest contribution is just assembling the machine, and 
troubleshooting some component incompatibilities.

I have to agree totally with all of your points, because I felt the same 
way when the Mark-8 kits began showing up everywhere; but when it came 
down to it, I know I will never own a real Apple 1, unless it is a 
reproduction of one kind or another. So I made two, one for me and one 
to sell, figuring that there were many without the skill to assemble one 


Hans Franke wrote:

> Well, neat. Cool! And congratulation to your great work.
>>From a colectors viwpoint I'm quite concerned because of the good
> work. While Vince' Replika-1 has all the fun but different looks,
> yours may be directly taken as the real thing. The only difference
> I spotet beside chip dates and capacitors (which could be because
> it's an refurbished one), is the missing copyright line below
> 'Apple Computer 1'.
> I fear that in a very short time your boards (I assume you made
> more than one) will show up anounced as the real thing. With a
> little effort the missing line can be added - but even without,
> it's so close, that most non experts (and most self proclaimed)
> will take it as genuine Apple 1. Beside all the hassles for people
> that might pay 1+ grand for it while beliveing to make a bargain,
> just to realize at some point that they got framed.
> This might cause real damage to our hobby. But beside that people
> unknowingly selling one (hafter having bought one from a guy not
> been told that it's a Replica) follow the trail to you and add your
> name in a civil case, in a lot of countries this might be egliable
> for a criminal case. With a look at the board and your advertisement
> (eBay) it might be hard for any lawyer to argue that you realy did
> go all the length to make shure that everybody understands that it
> is a copy, and not an Apple 1 from Apple Computer.
> Recent efforts to crack down on product pirates (stron support
> from the US) added laws, in some countries, where the prosecutor
> does not need any complain by the trademark/copyright holder
> to go after a suspect.
> I perfectly understand how proud you are about your work, and I
> can just repeat how much I apreciate and like it. 
> Gruss
> H.
> --
> VCF Europa 7.0 am 29/30.April und 01.Mai 2006 in Muenchen

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