Oldest machine (was: Re: Good haul of old pc stuph)

Zane H. Healy healyzh at aracnet.com
Mon Dec 19 10:42:10 CST 2005

>That made we wonder... what's the oldest *operational* digital 
>machine owned by anyone on this list?  Although I suppose it's hard 
>to define 'machine' -
>something with RAM, I/O in some form, and at least one CPU  (what 
>the heck do you call a CPU when it's no longer central?)

I think the following would be my oldest complete systems, the big 
problem with the oldest DEC HW I have is getting some easy to 
interface with I/O, or getting the I/O I have up and running.  The 
exception on this list would be the Apple II+.

Apple II+


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