ImageDisk project is canceled

Dave Dunfield dave04a at
Mon Dec 19 18:24:16 CST 2005

I had hoped to use the holiday to think this over, however I continue to
receive private email badgering me about the ImageDisk source code.
I received one this evening from a list member who states that I have caused
harm by my development of the program, and apparently I am also being
held responsible for at least one pile of "hard to find" disks that will not be
preserved because of my efforts.

I've had enough, and I don't need this crap.
Effective immediately, I have cancled the ImageDisk project. My offer to
make the source code available by request is hereby withdrawn. I have
removed the images section from my site. If you have copies of any of this
material, I would respectfully ask you to please delete them, or at least not
make my material available. I want this program to have never existed.

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