ImageDisk project is canceled

Jim Beacon jim at
Tue Dec 20 13:54:08 CST 2005

I feel I have to write in support of Dave.

As one who doesn't have the expertise to write this sort of code (or any
code of real purpose for that matter!), I am always glad when someone
produces a useful piece of code, and out of a spirit of community, offers it
for use by others.

The code is Dave's property, physically and intellectualy. What he does with
it is up to him - he could patent it and make us all pay, he could release
it as it is, in a useable, compiled form, or if he is fantastically
generous, he may let us see the source code.

The best we can hope for is a documented piece of software that performs its
task. We have no right to know how it performs that task, or whether it is a
beautiful piece of code, or as horribly written as my code.

Dave, thank you for trying to improve our hobby, and I'm sorry for the
trouble you have had.

Jim Beacon.

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