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>>>> [...] and in Dave's case, it's his freaking software.  He can do
>>>> with it whatever he likes.
>>> Absolutely.  But, conversely, if we (FSVO "we") want to think less
>>> of him for choosing that way, that's up to us.
>> But why should you put a moral bent on a personal choice?
> Because it's a choice which I believe does harm to the state of the
> art, making it a Bad Thing to do.
>> IOW, you're saying it's OK to be a bigot.
> If you count bias against people who do things which harm society as
> bigotry, then yes, I believe it's OK to be a bigot.  (Whether this case
> is an example, that's a different question.)

You seem to think that process is worth more than result, i.e., because he
released a working and useful product (including to ingrates like Tony
Duell -- "I know whom not to trust" indeed) in a way alien to what you think
constitutes being a good neighbour, it is therefore automatically a Bad

This is the same kind of specious crap I get when people ask me why I
won't use GPL (except in cases where I modify a project under the GPL,
because then I'm stuck).

As someone else pointed out in this case, it's, "I don't like the taste of
this free beer." The application of the word 'polemic' is entirely

>> It's his software, plain & simple.  He has the right to do with it as
>> he wishes, bar none, and that's that.
> Here again, I see "it's his right to do that" being used as if it
> implied "it's not a bad thing for him to do that".  As I explained in
> another message, I do not agree with that leap.

But you *do* seem to concur with 'it's a bad thing for him to do that ==
it's *not* his right to do that' -- or you would have let him.

So, as Roger said, why should you put a moral bent on a personal choice?
Because that's exactly what you're doing.

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