ImageDisk project is canceled

Kevin Handy kth at
Wed Dec 21 11:27:43 CST 2005

Jim Leonard wrote:

> der Mouse wrote:
>> < doesn't want to create yet another incompatible file format, and
> For goodness' sake, the file format is right in the help file.

What help file? Or should we violate his wishes, and pirate
the software? That would make me uncomfortable.

It's his right to make it available (or not) with whatever
restrictions he wants on it, and I would prefer not to violate
those restrictions.

Remember, he pulled the binary package, and insisted that all
copies be destroyed. Thus no program, thus no help file. He
later allowed those who have already used it to create images
the right to use it, but I didn't see him give them any rights
to pass the program, or the right to use it, on.

I might feel better if the licensing of whatever is left were
made clearer, and included in the package, but until then, it
is (to me) just another undocumented format.

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