ImageDisk project is canceled

Gary Sparkes mokuba at
Wed Dec 21 11:45:38 CST 2005

On 12/21/05 12:27 PM, "Kevin Handy" <kth at> wrote:

> What help file? Or should we violate his wishes, and pirate
> the software? That would make me uncomfortable.
> It's his right to make it available (or not) with whatever
> restrictions he wants on it, and I would prefer not to violate
> those restrictions.
> Remember, he pulled the binary package, and insisted that all
> copies be destroyed. Thus no program, thus no help file. He
> later allowed those who have already used it to create images
> the right to use it, but I didn't see him give them any rights
> to pass the program, or the right to use it, on.
He also later on said that people could redistribute it if they had it, too.

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