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> > Hi, just in case anyone's interested, there are a number of VAXen on
> > <> right now...
> > 
> > VAX Server 3500		Redstone Arsenal, AL
> > VAX 6000-420		Mechanicsburg, PA
> > VAX Server 5000-200	Fort Lewis, WA
> I'm wondering if the last one isn't mis-listed.  I'm thinking 4000-200, or
> else that it might be a MIPS system.  Anyone have any idea?

Most likely its mis-named in the listing.  That often happens but if
you look at photos (or better yet, preview the lot in person) or the
detailed listing you can verify what it is.

This place is more tedious and difficult to participate in than ebay,
but the stuff is of a different nature.  For computers, the hard drives
are always ripped out so factor that into any interest you might have.
The hard drives will have been destroyed separately, so you can't get
"wiped" drives from them that match the main unit.
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