Seagate to Purchase Maxtor

Roy J. Tellason rtellason at
Thu Dec 22 13:24:41 CST 2005

On Thursday 22 December 2005 04:29 am, Philip Pemberton wrote:
> Notice how most of the people whining "XYZ drives are crap" are the
> cheapskates that went and bought the £30 "white box" OEM drives... Cheap
> is generally synonymous with "crap" in the world of hard drives, IME.

People who complain about one specific brand are usually those folks that have 
had *one* instance of that brand fail on them,  which wasn't backed up...

> On a lighter note, anyone ever had a Conner drive? I've got a CFS425 that I
> pulled out of a 1996-model Acorn RiscPC600. It's nearly ten years old and
> it's still fully functional. Now *that's* engineering.

I've got a few kicking around here.  I've had one of them fail on me,  was 
during a thunderstorm that did all sorts of interesting things here.  As it 
turned out,  the machine that it was in somehow was not plugged into a surge 
suppressor,  by contrast with the other four that were running here 24/7.  It 
was a 386 box that was my firewall/router,  and the drive in question was an 
80M (!) drive.  I've since replaced that machine with a 486dx2/66 and a 
somewhat larger drive,  the software in question being a minimal install of 
Slackware that I ripped all sorts of stuff out of and configured.  Still 
going...   :-)

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