Seagate to Purchase Maxtor

Jim Leonard trixter at
Fri Dec 23 11:55:29 CST 2005

Chuck Guzis wrote:
>>Western Digital drives don't fail on me as much as they "pause for no good
>>reason".  I have WD 600ABs in my RAID and for no reason they'll just
>>decide to 
>>lock up for 1-8 seconds on a write (never a read).  I've checked SMART and
>>not errors -- thermal recalibration maybe?
> I've seen this too and it seems as if the drives spin down for a moment and
> then back up again.  I have no idea what causes it.

What's irritating is that, in a RAID system, if they don't spin back up quickly 
enough, the RAID card thinks the drive has failed and goes degraded.  It's easy 
enough to disconnect then reconnect the drive, but I'll go with better calibre 
drives in my RAID next time.
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