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At 7:59 PM -0500 12/23/05, Tim Shoppa wrote:
>As far as the PDP-10 software archives go ( http://pdp-10.trailing-edge.com/ )
>the collection grew by leaps and bounds in the late 90's and 2000/2001 but
>since then there have only been a very few tapes added. It should be
>noted that the RCS/RI tapes formed the initial part of the collection
>and they were very cooperative in getting this stuff to me and onto the
>net (thanks to all of them and particularly Megan).

I could have sworn it was someone at RCS/RI, that said a couple years 
ago that they had stuff that wasn't in your your archive.

>The CHM's software curator posts here, and I'm occasionally in contact
>with others who volunteer at the CHM and elsewhere, but I've made no progress
>ever in getting them to even get me a list or partial inventory of what
>tapes/software are in their collections. I get the impression that they've
>been so completely overwhelmed by the task that they don't know where
>to start, but I'm sure I'm oversimplifying things.

It would definitely be nice to know what is there, am I remembering 
correctly that DEC/Compaq shipped them what remained of the DEC 

>I had hoped that my PDP-10 archives would spur others to "empty the closet"
>and get all the stuff that is free redistributable or covered by the
>36-bit hobbyist license out and in the open, and it had some effect
>but not as wide as I wanted.

Johnny thinks that there are tapes besides what he sent you, as we 
were discussing DECnet for TOPS-20, and he believes they should have 
a copy.

BTW, have you found out if Paul Allen's systems include tapes you don't have?


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