Any experience with a DTC-1181?

Scott Stevens chenmel at
Mon Dec 26 08:54:33 CST 2005

On Mon, 26 Dec 2005 10:08:15 +0000
"Dave Dunfield" <dave04a at> wrote:

> > Anyone had experience with a Data Technologies DTC-1181?  It appears to be an 
> > 8-bit ISA board that somehow enhances the on-board BIOS to handle drives larger 
> > than 528MB through LBA.  Does it work?  If so, does it then go up to the 
> > typical 8192MB barrier or does it go farther than that?
> I have the docs for it kicking around here somewhere (single-page, I could scan it for you
> if you like - assuming I can find it). IIRC it will go up to the 30G barrier (but I could be
> wrong - it's been quite a while since I used it).
> Btw, the board is just a ROM socket - I used to put the ROM itself (which IIRC is 8K) into
> the boot rom socket of my network cards on various 486 class machines - if you are not
> using network boot, it saves a card slot.

IOW it's just a ROM-based BIOS extension.  I _want_ one of
those.  And having such a card around for other ROM firmware
extension purposes would be cool, too.  Unfortunately the ROM
contents is copyrighted, because otherwise that BIOS extension
upgrade would eliminate the need for the awful kludges like Disk
Manager on a lot of older systems.

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