More than 2 FDDs on a PC

Barry Watzman Watzman at
Mon Dec 26 09:57:57 CST 2005

Re: More than 2 FDDs on a PC

I have a few (not sure how many, but several) PC 8-bit 4-drive Floppy disk
controllers.  They have onboard FDC bios and support both 5.25 and 3.5 inch
drives.  Some of them have I/O on them (serial/parallel).  They are all new,
some in boxes, various models, some have diskettes (drivers), documentation,
cables, etc.  If anyone wants one, I'll sell them for $12 each plus $6
shipping.  As-is, I have no way to test them and they are old, but if one
doesn't work I'll refund or exchange (but you will be out the shipping
cost).  I can send you more detailed specs (including photo) if you are
seriously interested (they are downstairs in the basement in a "bone pile"
and I'd have to go through them).  Barry Watzman, Watzman at

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