Any experience with a DTC-1181?

Dave Dunfield dave04a at
Mon Dec 26 08:34:23 CST 2005

> AFAIK, the 1181 that I had limited you to 8GB, but there was a later
> version called the 1181Y2K, which also had BIOS patches for Y2K
> problems--that one may to the 32G limit.  A very handy little card.
> IIRC, you simply set your BIOS setup to a type "1" drive after
> installation.  Choice of BIOS segment is C800 or CC00.  If you have any
> third-party disk manager software already installed on the drive, be sure
> to remove it first.

Found the doc - it makes no mention of the maximum drive size, which means
it likely is 8G (If it beat that limit, I'm sure they would have said so).

Rom is 16K, and the card can be jumpered for:

Docs say to set 'C' drive to type '1', and if present, set 'D' to type '2'. I don't
recall if I never used it with 2 drives, but it worked well with one drive.

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