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Mon Dec 26 13:54:35 CST 2005

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>From: Jay Jaeger <cube1 at>
>Subject: Cromemco Z2 and Electrical Safety

>I am restoring a Cromemco Z2D and have spotted a couple of electrical 
>safety issues.

>The machine was set up and the instructions were set up to fuse the 
>*Neutral* rather than Hot. 
>And it wasn't just this unit.  The instructions and diagrams in the manual 
>have it wrong.  (The schematic is non-committal -- it doesn't identify hot 
>and neutral, just colors on the output side of the line filter).

>What a bunch a maroons.....

>Jay R. Jaeger					The Computer Collection
>cube1 at


Well, I wouldn't call "them" a bunch a maroons...

The Z2 power supply I'm looking at and my copy of the manual have it right;
I suppose it's possible that an older version of the manual had the incoming lines
reversed and someone (not necessarily Cromemco) wired it accordingly.

I assume you checked that the white wire _is_ actually the neutral at the plug end
(and that your outlet is wired correctly)? AFAIK, once inside the cabinet wiring can 
be any arbitrary color, so, since hot and neutral are not identified, black could just 
as well be the neutral and you'd create this very problem by "fixing" it.


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