Seagate to Purchase Maxtor

Roy J. Tellason rtellason at
Mon Dec 26 14:54:05 CST 2005

On Saturday 24 December 2005 05:55 pm, Tony Duell wrote:
> > So it's very hard to pick any favorites or villains.  The one constant =
> > in
> > all this technology change is:=20
> >  there is a very good living to be made repairing computers and =
> > electronics.
> Can i just check that you're in the same universe as the rest of us? And
> preferably on the same planet too.
> Because round here there is no living to be made repairing stuff. People
> will not pay for repairs (not even on classic machines, or on
> valuable/well-made machines, or...).
> Maybe you can make a living board-swapping at random, and charging a bit of
> that, but not for doing proper repairs.

That's why I was wondering about that too,  because I did make my living doing 
that sort of thing,  from the early 1970s to the point when we closed our 
shop up back in 1992.  There are a few contexts (industrial,  etc.) where a 
living can be made doing that sort of thing,  but they are few and far 
between as far as I've been able to find.

Not fun having a useless skillset...   :-(

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