Cap reformation question

Doc Shipley doc at
Tue Dec 27 19:13:40 CST 2005

Allison wrote:
>>>S100 linear supplies are unregulated (usually) before they get on the bus
>>>so a load is NOT needed.  Do insure the caps are discharged before 
>>>any board.
> Anything under a 20W appliance bulb initially.  The lower the wattage the 
> higher will be the initial resistance and lower peak current.

   I'm ready to begin the power-up process with this Cromemco Z-2D.  The 
cards all look good, the backplane and cabling all look intact, and the 
PSU itself looks clean and shows no scorching or other damage.  Oh, and 
I've cobbled up a power cable for it.  ;)

   I understand the principle of using a light as a current limiter, but 
I have one question - say I start with a 7.5W bulb, how long should I 
run the PSU at that level, and should I then step up through 20W, 40W, 
etc?  If so, I have bulbs up to 200W; where should I stop?


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