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James Rice jrice54 at vzavenue.net
Thu Dec 29 06:46:02 CST 2005

Jim Leonard wrote:

> Scott Stevens wrote:
>> don't necessarily subscribe to the 'ten year rule' (make that- I
>> don't subscribe to it AT ALL in my personal collection.  I have
>> some things much older, and quite a bit of newer stuff that I
>> like having, too.  
> I'm with you.  The "ten year rule" is crap -- there, I've said it.  
> It's not even enforced anyway, since people here would have no problem 
> talking about SGI Indigos or BeBoxen or DEC Alpha machines or similar 
> stuff, and that's all newer than 10 years old, or just barely.
> I think the 10-year "rule", if there is to be one, should only apply 
> to wintel boxes.  I believe that's the spirit of the rule anyway.

Actually as of 1/1/2006, both the BeBox and Sgi Indy fall under the "ten 
year rule".

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