Where to buy a Selectric?

John Allain allain at panix.com
Thu Dec 29 19:17:35 CST 2005

> I'm no Selectric repairman, but a peek inside a nice 
> wide-carriage Selectric III that I've got stashed away looks
> like replacement of said belt is a major operation and probably
> not worth the trouble.

You know the entire outer shell drops away with two lever pulls, right?

I've removed the main drive engine from a Selectric (where the
belt passes) and would say it's worth the effort (not much effort)
compared to the incomprehensible geometry of it's lever upon
lever system for translating key to typehead.  Aside: someday
I would like to hear said system described by someone.  I've
found it fascinating.

John A.

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