VMS internals

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I have the VMS General User's Manual,  VMS Ver 5.0  April 1988
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> At 8:27 PM -0600 12/29/05, Brian L. Stuart wrote:
>>Does anyone know of a good on-line reference to VMS internals.
>>I'm not looking for anything too in-depth.  At the moment, I'm
>>mostly looking for something along the lines of "here are the
>>major components and how they fit together."  I've got most
>>of an orange wall and a copy of the old software handbook,
>>but I'm not finding anything like that there.  I know about
>>the VMS Internals and Data Structures book and if I have to
>>I'll find a copy, but I'm not really looking for something
>>that detailed anyway.
>>Thanks in advance,
>>Brian L. Stuart
> As far as I know, there isn't anything online.
> The books that come to mind are the following (in other words they're on 
> my shelf):
> VMS Internals and Data Structures
> VAX/VMS Operating System Concepts
> VMS File System Internals
> VAXcluster Principles
> I think the Operating System Concepts might be what you're looking at, it 
> was updated in '97 as "OpenVMS Operating System Concepts" (unfortunately I 
> don't have a copy of the 2nd Ed.).  Last I checked, it's very difficult to 
> get the last two books, it took me several years to get my copies.  But 
> then getting copies of the latest I&DS books aren't exactly easy :^(
> Zane
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