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Jim Leonard trixter at oldskool.org
Fri Dec 30 01:05:28 CST 2005

Scott Stevens wrote:
> There's really nothing else to compare to the immediacy of using
> a typewriter.  These days everything written is transferred into
> an electronic ether, to possibly be printed someday, more likely
> to just disappear.  It's a very 'real' experience to type a page
> of thoughts direct to a piece of paper.  And it is something that
> many people no longer experience.

The experience is what you make of it; 50 years ago, people would have 
said the same thing about writing longhand was the 'real' experience, 
and that typing made you think too quickly.

That being said, I do understand your point of view and share it.  For 
me in grade school, working with my first word processor (Apple II 
easywriter, I think) was the same thing -- I (slowly) typed, and my 
thoughts appeared realtime on the screen, which I hadn't "gotten" until 

This could turn into a whole new topic in and of itself, so I'll stop my 
rambling :)
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