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Scott Stevens chenmel at earthlink.net
Fri Dec 30 09:09:04 CST 2005

On Fri, 30 Dec 2005 12:23:34 -0000 (GMT)
gordonjcp at gjcp.net wrote:

> > I have had a TERRIBLE problem with mice out in the garage.  I've
> > learned that you NEVER put a PC out there without blank card
> > brackets in ALL open card slots and drives installed in ALL open
> > media holes.  I've recently thrown away an otherwise good Dell
> > Optiplex Pentium III system because the mice set up housekeeping
> > in it.  There was a big obvious nest in it and signs that 'the
> > little ones' were (im)properly raised as computer component
> > enthusiasts.  I still have a lot of systems out there but they're
> > all carefully sealed.  But I live surrounded by hundreds of acres
> > of cornfields, and the mice converge on my garage every year when
> > it gets cold.  They've also chewed up ALL the power tool user
> > manuals that I made the mistake of leaving in the workbench
> > drawer.  Sometimes if I'm out there and being quiet enough, the
> > whole city of mice around me comes alive.
> Basically, you need a cat.
> Gordon.
It's more than one cat could deal with.  We have six cats but
sadly they are 'house' cats and my wife won't let me have them
'spend a night out in the garage.'  Plus cats can get diseases
from eating wild mice, etc. and these are pampered house cats
(expensive vet bills, etc...)

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