Simh problem

Kevin Handy kth at
Fri Dec 30 10:21:51 CST 2005

Ethan Dicks wrote:

>When running simh under Linux/UNIX, wouldn't it work to put a real
>VT100 (or clone or a proper emulator on an external PC), fire up a
>getty, then run simh from that window?  That way, the device external
>to the CPU running simh would interpret the codes.  That trick _does_
>work for me running TOPS-20 under klh10.  It was easier to do that
>than fix or replace xterm which is _not_ VT100 compatible anymore.  I
>was unable to successfully run emacs on an xterm, but with a _real_
>dumb terminal hung off the back of the machine, emacs ran perfectly.
I find xterm to do a pretty good job, compared to other
terminal emulators. Are you thinking of gnome-terminal,
which has apparently become the default for many Linux
systems, because it isn't that good. Most systems will also
ship xterm with it, but no GUI button to execute it. Try
typing 'xterm &' from inside a terminal screen and see if
the screen it pulls up looks the same. If not, you are
probably running gnome-terminal.

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