Home written editors (was Re: Where to buy a Selectric?)

Jim Leonard trixter at oldskool.org
Fri Dec 30 22:24:25 CST 2005

Sean 'Captain Napalm' Conner wrote:
>   I've written some specialized input routines---mainly to handle dated
> numerical input (okay, a program to process lottery numbers, years before
> the Internet made such information readily available).  But not general
> purpose text editing.

You should; it's quite fun depending on what your needs are.  I coded a 
VI clone for my personal use on my 8088 because the clones (CALVIN) 
didn't have enough featuers or work properly, and the Unix-to-DOS ports 
(Elvis) were so. slow. you. waited. three. seconds. after. each. 
keypress. for. feedback. before. the. keyboard. buffer. overflowed. 
Quite annoying.  To this day I have no idea what Elvis does when you hit 
a keystroke (never looked at the code) but it must be much more than 
simply inserting a character!
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