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Fri Dec 30 22:54:29 CST 2005

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Date: Fri, 30 Dec 2005 17:26:17 -0500
From: "Roy J. Tellason" <rtellason at>
Subject: weird modems

>Since you guys are bringing up some unusual stuff with modems,  I thought of 
>something else I have in storage...

>Got a pair of units that are designed to be used on a 4-wire (!) leased line,  
>or something. <snip> 


Speaking of...

I've got a few of those as well (even the grey rotary data phone to go with
them), although I suspect they're < 9600 bd; also some line drivers and 
"Steamer" mux/demux's; just the thing for you guys with the separate 
buildings - lets you run a single 4-wire cable between your terminal(s) and 
the hardware collection in the "museum" out back.

Also a couple of Centronics-type parallel printer extenders (up to
50' or so of phone cable between computer & printer ports) so you
can keep the printer in your living room.

Any interest, email off-list.

mike (in Toronto)

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