2 Inmac 7724 Rigid Media 2.5 MB Disc Cartridges NOS NIB

Tim Shoppa shoppa_classiccmp at trailing-edge.com
Sat Dec 31 07:53:13 CST 2005

Richard <legalize at xmission.com> wrote:

> Item: 8744955990 on ebay
> These look like RL01 packs, but RL01s are 5 MB ea. and these are
> reportedly 2.5 MB ea.
> What drive are they for?

The "grandaddy" of this physical cartridge is the IBM top-loading cartridge
(5440?) disk.

Many, many minicomputer systems use this physical form factor cart
with different (or sometimes the same, what a concept!) sectoring
and formatting in top-loading drives. Often with a fixed platter
as well.

DEC's innovation was to put embedded servo information on the
platter (factory formatted) and upping the density to 5 and then
10MBytes. They were justifiably proud to have succesfully done
an embedded-servo drive/cartridge system. But DEC's innovation
also means that generic non-embedded-servo-formatted carts won't
be usable on a RL01/RL02.

It's not quite as common as the IBM 2315 cart (front loading, which
spawned the Diablo, RK02/3/5, etc etc etc) but close.


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