anyone have a line on a batch of serial terminals?

Doc Shipley doc at
Sat Dec 31 17:31:51 CST 2005

Richard wrote:
> I'm looking for about 20-40 units of serial terminal, with 20 being
> the bare minimum that I need for the project.  Realistically, spares
> will be needed, so more than 20 units are preferred.

> Any ideas on how to find something like this?  Or do I have to keep
> waiting until noone is using terminals at all, not even in the 3rd
> party market?

   I'd look for somebody scrapping laptops.  A 486 or early Pentium 
system should have enough screen to be useful, battery life won't be an 
issue, and one of the FreeOS families should have a terminal emulator to 
suit you (or that can be altered to suit).  I'll grant that a PeeCee 
laptop doesn't have the panache of a nice VT320, but they're cheaper, 
easier to find, and more compact.

   One of the local liquidators just finished selling a run of early 
Pentium Thinkpads that went for less than $20 each.  Something like a 
Toshiba would run about half that, and if you'd bought 40 of them you 
might have gotten them for <$10.


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