cctalk Digest, Vol 28, Issue 99

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Sat Dec 31 17:58:12 CST 2005

Date: Sat, 31 Dec 2005 14:25:45 -0600
From: "Jim Isbell, W5JAI" <jim.isbell at>
Subject: Re: Real Old School Programming (was: Re: Where to buy a

>Well, using a key punch was a sissy add on that came later.  In the
>beginning we moved wire jumpers from here to there and then later in
>the NEW age, we flipped 20 switches up or down then pressed a
>"deposit" button.  Key punches were for sissy's.


Burroughs had a better idea on some of their systems: they had illuminated
multicoloured push buttons that displayed the various registers; to change 
a bit you just pushed the corresponding button.

Still have one of their panels somewhere; also a much less interesting
operator console from a B2700 IIRC.


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