More Free SUN stuff

Joe R. rigdonj at
Mon Feb 28 10:58:19 CST 2005

  All of this stuff came from NASA KSC and is in original SUN boxs. I don't
know if it's new or was pulls during an upgrade. I believe the specs are
correct but I didn't spend any time checking them.

Sun Super Sparc 10 30Mhz MBUS CPU 501-1889, 501-2239 SM30 For Sparc 10 only
so I've been told.

Two  Differential SCSI/Ethernet (DSBE/S) Cards. PN 501-1902  Workstations:
Sun 4/75, SPARCstation 5, 10, 20 Ultra 1, 1E, 2 Servers: 	SPARCserver
6x0MP, 1000, PARCcenter 2000 Enterprise 3x00, 4x00, 5x00, 6x00, 10000
Option 1052 

Sun PN 501-2270 SM 41 X1161A 40 Mhz CPU for Sparc 10 and SS600MP Model 41.

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