Adrian Graham witchy at
Mon Feb 28 17:46:08 CST 2005

> > (Anyone in the UK see the BBC Open University tv program on 
> the early 
> > days of computer programming the other night?
> > Plenty of film and stills of early computers, including films of 
> > EDSAC, ENIAC etc  and interviews with Maurice Wilkes and 
> other pioneer 
> > programmers.)
> Bah, I didn't know it was on! Then again, if it was the 
> weekend I wouldn't have seen it anyway as I spend most of the 
> weekends in bed to recover from the working week :o\

Replying to myself here but.... 

Hopefully UK types will have watched 'look around you' tonight on bbc2, the
'computers' edition. So far the series has been patchy and not as good as
the first series from 2003 or whenever; tonights was excellent, featuring
the 'world's cleverest computer' - a twin floppy TRS80-u-like in tasteful
brown called Bournemouth, and a computer 'for women, designed by women'
called the Petticoat 5 complete with emery board spacebar and keys designed
for long fingernails :D

I did many screengrabs but they're only at 320x240....I'll stick 'em on the
website anyway, but for those in need of muchos hugeos pictures the Look
Around You website has a couple of wallpapers featuring Bournemouth and
Petticoat 5 so you can try and see which bits of what computers they used to
build them....



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