Apple _1_ on ebay???

Richard Beaudry richard.beaudry at
Fri Jul 1 10:55:14 CDT 2005

>I  have not have to time to look at ebay recently.  I just did and
>saw this:
>Somebody has put an Apple 1 up, it has been there for five days and
>nobody has mentioned it here???

There's no guarantee it's an Apple 1.  The seller says only he can see
"wires and cards" inside.  Perhaps it is an Apple ][ in a wooden case?
 Nobody knows, and without pictures, nobody will know.

My take is that the seller knows full well what it is, and is hoping
people will think it is an Apple 1 (and judging by the questions at
the bottom, they do).  People will then drive up the price to some
outrageous level.  When they get it and realize it's just a //e that
someone threw in a wooden case (or maybe not even anything in the
Apple line), they'll get mad, but there's nothing they can do because
he described it accurately .....

Cynical, yes, but most likely true :-)

Rich B.

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