Apple _1_ on ebay???

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> > There's no guarantee it's an Apple 1.  The seller
> > says only he can see
> > "wires and cards" inside.  Perhaps it is an Apple ][
> > in a wooden case?
> >  Nobody knows, and without pictures, nobody will
> > know.
> I asked the seller for some pictures "under the hood"
> of that machine, and was told that it had already been
> boxed up for shipment.  I'd imagine that if the really
> thought it was an Apple I, he'd oblige, so it seems
> clear that he expected to gain more from the
> uninformed speculation of the potential buyers.
> --Bill

There is a sucker born every minute. Did you see the other things the winner
has bid on, he must have deep pockets (Alonzo Mourning used Nikes $399, Deon
Sanders sweaty Jersey $1800, NRI 832 $1713.88). I don't think this guy in
Texas is going to be short on the rent if this wooden box is holding an
Apple II board.

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