Reading 9-track tapes in Linux

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Sun Jul 3 15:02:15 CDT 2005

On Sun, 3 Jul 2005, David Comley wrote:

> Could this be a driver issue ? I would verify that the
> tape drive you're using is set up in the SCSI tape
> subsystem. I went through a similar exercise for
> Solaris with an Overland tape drive and I had to edit
> and recompile st.c in order to correctly deal with the
> drive.
> What type of tape drive is it - and which
> version/flavor of Linux ?

It's a Kennedy 9610: pretty common.  I'm running under Knoppix.  Perhaps
not the best choice for this sort of thing, but then all the right device
handles are there, as well as all the same tools you'd use on any flavor
of Linux.


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