PI/old IRIX questions

Sean 'Captain Napalm' Conner spc at conman.org
Sun Jul 3 15:13:49 CDT 2005

It was thus said that the Great Scott Quinn once stated:
> Got my 4D/25 TG running (Thanks, Robert) with a new 3010 FPU. I have 
> IRIX 5.3, but even in 32MB it's somewhat slow and a bit unstable. Has 
> anyone on the list used 4.0.5 or 3.3? I have talked with someone in the 
> area who has a set of 3.3 tapes, but I don't want to bother him if 
> there are usability issues, and I haven't talked with anyone about 
> 4.0.5. Is there anyone who has used these? All i've seen are 
> screenshots and the fact that 3.3 is SysVr3+NeWS(?) and 4 is 
> SysVr3(+some r4)+X11, and that the IDO is needed for any practical 
> work. I have  v5.3 & v6.5  Indigo2s, so I don't need it for 'serious' 
> work, just looking for recommendations & pointers.

  I used both 3.3 and 4.0.5 on an Iris 4D/35 back in college (10+ years
ago).  I *loved* 3.3 but it was rather difficult to compile anything using X
under that system.  The switch to 4.0.5 meant I could then compile and use X
applications, but lost NeWS (which is an incredible windowing system---but
then again, my machine was one of a handful on campus that actually *ran*
NeWS, so I never got the change to really use it to its potential).  Both
worked well with the 16M RAM I had in the machine.

  -spc (Both should run winderfully on a 32M system ...)

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