E-bay complaints: was Re: "Response" from seller with the "Apple-1"

Joe R. rigdonj at cfl.rr.com
Mon Jul 4 09:11:50 CDT 2005

At 10:22 AM 7/4/05 +0100, Phil wrote:

>Here's a fine example of why I can't stand it.
>On Sunday morning I added an item to my watchlist - a Microprofessor MPF-1,
>complete, boxed, with manuals. Supposedly perfect condition too. Also checked
>that it was still pointed at my Gmail address. It was. The auction was due to
>end at 4PM on Sunday (ie. yesterday).
>When did I get the "Item is ending within 5 hours" message? That's right. 5
>minutes ago. Followed by an "Item has ended, YOU LOSE!" message. Fecking
>stupid thing.
>And people wonder why I hate ebay. What really pisses me off is that it's
>done this to me THREE TIMES this week, to three different email addresses.
>Bleagh. I wanted that MPF, too - it only went for £16 - my max was way higher
>than that :( :( :(

   Don't take this personally BUT:   Why didn't you bid your max bid the
first time???????  If you had you would have won the item.  
   What is it with all you people that want to wait till the last second to
bid and then you whine when don't win. Late messages aren't necessarily
E-bays fault. The InterNET is a network of servers, relays, etc and
messages can be delayed for many reasons. That's one of the good things
about E-bay's system, you don't have to be there or even on-line when the
auction nears it's end, the system will do the bidding for you. I NEVER get
outbid on things that I really want. I'm sure Al and others can tell you
the same thing. You lost because you wanted to play stupid games with
E-bay's system!

   I don't understand why some of ypeople on this list are always
complaining about E-bay.  Where else do you think you're going to find a
complete Microprofessor MPF-1 for £16 and never leave your desk? If you
want bargains you have to go hunt for them or take the occasional one, like
this one, that show up on E-bay.  If you don't like E-bay's high prices
then get off the computer and go start looking in the surplus stores, scrap
yards, flea markets, etc etc etc. There are still PLENTY of bargains to be
had. I have a LOT of great computers (3x SB-180s, 2x Rubicons, 2x Altairs,
10x Intels, 13x AIM-65s, HP-9100, 4x HP-35 Red Dots, 5x HP-1000s, PDP-8,
etc etc etc etc) and NONE of them came from E-bay. I got ALL of them the
hard way, by LOOKING!

   my 2 cents worth,

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