E-bay complaints: was Re: "Response" from seller with the"Apple-1"

Mike Loewen mloewen at cpumagic.scol.pa.us
Mon Jul 4 15:25:02 CDT 2005

On Mon, 4 Jul 2005, 'Computer Collector Newsletter' wrote:

> So while it's absolutely true that some big parts of eBay do suck, I'd argue
> that some parts of ALL large systems suck, but that we just happen to be a
> group affected by these parts rather acutely.  And I'd argue that eBay
> probably brings just as many new collectors into our hobby and to our
> preferred resources, than it could turn away.

    I live in a relatively isolated area of Pennsylvania, smack dab in the 
center of the state, equally inconvenient from everywhere else.  There are 
no major computer recyclers in the area, no high tech junkyards, and 
relatively few big businesses that might be getting rid of "big iron". 
The only resources available to me as a (amateur) collector are mailing 
lists such as this, Freecycle and MARCH, and the surplus and salvage 
center at the university.  And Ebay, of course.

    I have picked up a couple of 8-bit systems on Ebay, by biding my time 
and waiting for the right system/price to come along.  I don't get crazy 
with my maximum bid and if it goes over, something else will come along. 
The prices are going up, though.  Big iron fascinates me, particularly the 
control and maintenance panels from the old systems.  It used to be that 
you'd see these panels going on Ebay for what I consider to be reasonable 
prices, considering that I have no other access to such items.  These 
days, the prices are completely out of the ballpark for my price cap, 
primarily due to one or two buyers who seem to have unlimited budgets for 
such things, and who buy everything in sight.

    Yes, there's a lot we can complain about Ebay, but for people in the 
sticks (like me), it's one of the few resources available.

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