Need help with a 11-23+ and a RX-02 , Repost

Philipp Hachtmann hachti at
Wed Jul 6 07:54:59 CDT 2005

>>There are a couple of XXDP images available on the web, so you could build
>>an XXDP test that will boot from the TU58 emulator, and test the RX02 that
> Just curious, are there any XXDP images of rx50 floppies?

I used E11 and simh to run the xxdp images I found somewhere on the net 
(bitsavers?). Then I first made a virtual RX02 diskette and made it 
bootable. Then I made a second virtual RX02 diskette with the programs I 
After having the images ready I transferred them to the original 
diskette using vtserver.

The same way I made my RT11 floppies....

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