Stock IBM XT low level format program wanted

Degnan Co. websupport at
Tue Jul 5 13:46:01 CDT 2005

I have an IBM XT with all original parts.  This is the middle era 
version with a Xebec/IBM harddrive controller (no dip switches), 
newer diskette drive, and an IBM 20 MB hard drive.  The computer 
boots with no errors.  It looks like the computer was never used,
it's pristine.  Might anyone have a link to a program that I can 
use to run a low level format specific to this controller card and 
hard drive?  I have had trouble locating the low level format program 
via DEBUG.  I have found a number of Debug commands on the Internet 
for other drives and controllers, but none for this.  I have searched 
the segement offsets between C000:0000 and EC00:0000 in 0400 increments.
.Maybe I am blind!  Is there an IBM official low level format diskette 
image out there?  That would be preferred.
-- E N D --

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