Commodore 64, Commodore 64sx enthusiasts?

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Wed Jul 6 22:49:15 CDT 2005

jim if you want a computer (mostly together, missing some keys), I would 
be happy to send you the one that  I have designated as "parts"... that 
way, I bet you can have two complete sx64's.

I think that commodore went wrong in three areas.

1. they never put a standart rs232 port on their stuff. sure you could 
use 1488's , but that was not the point.  There was no real rs232.

2. The disk drives were basically computers to themselves;

3. 40 columns just ain't cool. 80 is the way to go.

So..... what else?  Is Anyone here who was integrally involved in the 
design of the machine?

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> plato computer wrote:
> >I'm in possession of a mighty fine collection of commodore equipment
> that 
> >I will be finishing the restoration stuff on (you know, replacing some
> >broken keys, etc.) and one mighty fine Commodore64sx "Portable"; is
> there 
> >anyone on here who has a particular fondness for commodore equipment?
> >
> >  
> >
> To be blunt, there is much fondness here for CBM stuff.  However, of
> all 
> the machines, the SX holds a special place in my heart.  I remember
> them 
> for sale at K-Mart when I was 12-13 or so, but there was no way I could
> pay $595.00 for one.  So, I drooled over it and left the store each
> time 
> without it.
> Many years later, after I had mostly resigned myself to never owning 
> one, two people offered me free units.  One was in prisine condition, 
> the other in good condition.  Both ran (and run).  That was in '95 or
> so.
> Last year, I eBayed (yes, the evil one) 2 more (one working in good 
> condition for $50 and another not working for $25).  The last one
> needed 
> only a PLA.
> So, I'm hoarding them, I guess.  They make great demo machines for 
> EXPOs, and there are cool to boot.  The best two are considered my 
> museum pieces, while the other 2 go to shows.
> I even took a SX-64 with me on a business trip to work on some C-64
> code 
> last Fall.  The bellhop gave some strange looks.
> I've got a spare keyboard missuing some keys here, so if someone needs 
> keyboard parts for an SX, let me know.
> Oh, and anyone have a line on a user manual and the cute SX-64 bag?  I 
> would love to get one of each.
> Jim
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