Commodore 64, Commodore 64sx enthusiasts?

Jim Brain brain at
Wed Jul 6 22:55:16 CDT 2005

>1. they never put a standart rs232 port on their stuff. sure you could 
>use 1488's , but that was not the point.  There was no real rs232.
They did later with the B series machines and the Plus/4, but it was too 
late by then.

>2. The disk drives were basically computers to themselves;
I dunno. I think the drive was fine with it's own CPU.  What was a bear 
was the slow IEC protocol. 

Search for Commodore Trivia and IEC to find Jim Butterfield's 
information on why the IEC protocol ended up so slow.  If you can;t find 
it, let me know, and I will post it here.  It's a good read.

>3. 40 columns just ain't cool. 80 is the way to go.
Again, fixed with the B series and the C128, but again, too late.

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