Alan Perry alanp at
Thu Jul 7 11:02:07 CDT 2005

Tom Jennings <tomj at> wrote:

>On Tue, 5 Jul 2005, William Maddox wrote:
>>  It's frustrating how little
>>of the older non-DEC minicomputer material seems to be
>I always figured it was you conspiratorial DEC people, buying up
>other-make stuff and destroying it to make a one-DEC-world.
I knew it was something like that!

I have been looking for a Burroughs B1000 machine for maybe seven 
years.  I missed a local one that went into surplus about a year after 
started collecting.  I heard of another one in Ohio that I think a 
museum got.  (The museum queried me to see if I had found one.)  Other 
than that, I haven't heard of any.

I have a bunch of Burroughs B20 workstations that I bought a couple of 
years ago, mostly to save from the scrap heap.  Haven't been able to 
find any more or any software for them.  (Someone is Colorado offered to 
send me some software, then disappeared, so, obviously, it is a conspiracy.)

I also collect Sun shoebox systems (IPCs, IPXs, Classics).  Since I work 
for Sun, I will make sure that I have software and documentation on 
those systems.


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