Replace roller rubber on HP 9825 tape drive

Joe R. rigdonj at
Thu Jul 7 14:30:28 CDT 2005

At 11:59 AM 7/7/05 -0700, Dwight wrote:
>>From: "Joe R." <rigdonj at>
>>At 12:10 AM 7/7/05 +0100, you wrote:
>>>> Well, I finally got around to attempting to re-spool this stupidly
>>>> designed tape.
>>>It's actually avery ingenious design (it's the same design, basically, as 
>>>QIC tape cartridges). Remember you want a constant tape speed past the 
>>>head. By driving the outside of the tape spools at a constant speed 
>>>(that's what the belt and drive puck do), rather than turning the spools 
>>>themselves by their axles, that's exactly what you get. It avoids the 
>>>capstan, pinch roller, slipping clutches, etc, used in audio tape and 
>>>cassette recorders.
>>   The really ingenous part is that the belt attempts to rotate the take up
>>spool about 10% faster then the other spool. That's what tightens up the
>>tape if it ever gets slack.
>>>> Your description sounds like a different tape than what I was dealing
>>>> with.  The tape did not come off of either spool but was instead attached
>>>> onto both spools.

   That really wouldn't make any difference as long as the drive stops when
it sees the BOT/EOT hole and doesn't run the tape off the spool.

>>>THere were several designs, sure...
>>>> At any rate, the stupid tensioning belt (whatever its called) broke on
>>>> Oh well, fuck that tape.  I'll try to read it anyway (is the tensioning
>>>> belt necessary?)  I also noticed numerous spots on the the tape where the
>>>Of course the belt is necessary. It's how the tape is driven. You can 
>>>borrow one from another tape cartridge.
>>   Good luck! I could never replace a belt and make it work :=/
>Hi Joe
> I have but I'll admit it was not easy. It is real easy to get
>the tape mangled. I've also repaired the roller at the corners
>on one.
> I don't know how it is done at the factory but they must have
>a special jig to get it all done right.

  Oh, I've gotten them back together (but you need about six hands to do
it)! But even though they're back together exactly like an original they
would never tighten up the slack. They'd run (till the slack got caught and
wrapped under the tape on the take-up spool) but simply never take the
slack out of the tape. Perhaps if I could run them at a slow speed the
slack would eventually work it self out without getting caught and they'd
be ok.  But to tell the truth I've never had much luck with tape drives and
I dispise the things!


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