DEC 11/45 build

Jay West jwest at
Fri Jul 8 21:05:02 CDT 2005

I had written....
>>I have two other H960 racks, guess I'll have to add one to the /45 and 
>>make it a dual bay system. The other H960 will probably go to the 11/34 
And..... I was wrong. Just checked and I only have one other H960 rack. That 
means if I go with a dual bay /45, I have no H960 to mount the /34 in. 
Bummer. I'll just have to find a way to mount the /34 in one of those lowboy 
white corporate cabinets. Not as common of a setup as the H960's, but I'm 
not really up for freighting another H960, trying to find more side 
panels... etc. So choosing between the two, I'll use my only other H960 to 
make the /45 dualbay.

> As long as you leave enough room for air to enter the top of the BA11-F, 
> you
> should be able to mount peripherals above the CPU bay. You will likely 
> need
> to leave the back, sides, or front panels off in order to allow a space 
> for
> the air to enter.
Ohhhhh no! I went to WAY too much trouble to locate side panels for my two 
H960's. Ain't no way I'm gonna leave them off to the side. A dual bay /45 it 
shall be :)

I had exactly enough of those "two black post snap-on bracket thingies" that 
hold the front cover panels on.... for 1 bay. Now that it's going to be a 
dual bay setup, I'm short those black post snap-on bracket thingies. Maybe 
it's time for me to re-read that article on the classiccmp knowledgebase 
about casting plastic parts :). Worse, the rack I have the /45 in has a 
"Digital" masthead. The other H960 doesn't. That especially sucks, seeing as 
they are apparently worth 4 times their weight in gold on ebay for someone 
who wants to hang one on a wall :\


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