E-bay complaints: was Re: "Response" from seller with the "Apple-1"

Vintage Computer Festival vcf at siconic.com
Sat Jul 9 00:18:47 CDT 2005

On Fri, 8 Jul 2005, Gary Sparkes wrote:

> Ah, all the sniping services I've seen just jack the bid up by a set
> incriment

If they do then they are foolish and retarded.  The whole point of a
"sniping" "service" is to actually submit a "snipe" for you, not play high
bid tag with some other sniping service's dumb bot.

With what I use--StealthBid--you tell it what item you want to bid on and
how much you're willing to pay.  At the last second (almost literally) it
submits your bid.  If you win, great!  If you win for a price lower than
your high offer, even better.  If not, you save your pennies for the
better one coming up tomorrow.

A sniping service as you describe completely defeats the purpose and is
not really "sniping" (in the eBay sense*) at all.  It opens you up to
paying MORE than you would with a true snipe.

* what a stupid euphemism to use for this...who's the idiot that came up
with that?


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