cctech Digest, Vol 23, Issue 16

Mike Ross mross666 at
Sat Jul 9 12:13:21 CDT 2005

Subject: Re: Take My Warehouse, Please!

>At 12:01 PM 7/8/2005, Vintage Computer Festival wrote:
> >And here are photos so you can see what you're up against:
> >
> >
>Ah, thank you.  I will rub these pictures like cool smooth stones
>against my temples when I need to reassure myself that
>"I may think I have a lot of junk, but at least I'm not as crazy as Xxxx."

I have to say, I thought that was a piss-poor collection. Seriously 
unimpressed. A warehouse full of 'stuff', but there wasn't a single machine 
that I couldn't *pick up*...



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