DEC 11/45 build

Tony Duell ard at
Sat Jul 9 14:55:36 CDT 2005

> I had exactly enough of those "two black post snap-on bracket thingies" that 
> hold the front cover panels on.... for 1 bay. Now that it's going to be a 

Those things are a right pain, and break if you look at them wrongly. I 
try to avoid empty space in my racks anyway...

> dual bay setup, I'm short those black post snap-on bracket thingies. Maybe 
> it's time for me to re-read that article on the classiccmp knowledgebase 
> about casting plastic parts :). Worse, the rack I have the /45 in has a 
> "Digital" masthead. The other H960 doesn't. That especially sucks, seeing as 

IIRC the first cabinet -- the one coantining hte CPU, should have a top 
panel with 'Digital PDP11' on it. All other racks have one that is the 
same colours, but with no writing on it. 

Alas I've not got one of the second type. Both cabinets of my 11/45 
system have the 'Digitial PDP11' top panels.


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