Apple 1 on ebay - Well, WAS it an Apple 1??

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Sun Jul 10 13:15:49 CDT 2005

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> On Sun, 10 Jul 2005, Scott Stevens wrote:
> > > > On Sat, 9 Jul 2005, steven stengel wrote:
> > > >
> > > > > Did anyone find out if that really was an Apple 1 on ebay?
> > > >
> > > > I put in a message to the buyer to inform me when he gets it but I
> > > > never got a reply.  I can assume it has either already arrived or
> > > > will be arriving at the buyer's locale soon, so I'll ping him in a
> > > > day or two to see if he'll respond.
> > > >
> > > > hehe.  moron.<ahem><ahem>...<ahem>
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> > > > Sellam Ismail                                        Vintage
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> > > You know the guy might be a member of this list, so watch the name
> > > calling.
> > >
> > >
> > Even if s/he isn't a member of the list, that kind of tone repels
> > people.  We need to strive not to come off as a superior elite.
> I'm a "superior elite" because I pointed out what an idiot someone is for
> doing something superiorly idiotic?  How does that work?
> -- 
> Sellam Ismail                                        Vintage Computer
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It is in the attitude and presentation. Lots of people have great knowledge
of a specific small niche and general knowledge of everything else. When you
start calling people names and making fun of them because they do not have
the vast knowledge of some particular niche that you do you come off as
elitist and a jerk. How would you feel if you went to the doctor because you
think you had some disease and the doctor called his other medical buddies
into the room and started calling you an idiot because you misdiagnosed the
"simple" condition and they all pointed and laughed at you?

There are many people in this world not thick skinned as I am and apparently
you are Sellam. If you make comments on a public list ridiculing somebody
for their lack of knowledge many people will simply stay lurkers and never
post anything meaningful to this list (or simple quit). Some of those people
might even run into a part you actually need but will never know about. In
many areas you can accomplish more with good people skills then you can with
an attitude and vast amounts of knowledge and ability. Why scare people away
from the hobby when you could bring more people in with the knowledge you
accumulate? Of course if you really are an elitist then you could care less
about anybody that does not posses the "valuable" knowledge you have, and I
am wasting my time typing this up.

The person in question must be good at something marketable to be able to
afford the things he buys on ebay (unless of course he has hit the lottery
or rich deceased relatives).

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