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Out here in NJ, we've been extremely lucky with the new-ish local club,
MARCH (Mid-Atlantic Retro Computing Hobbyists).  There's a new science
musuem being built at a former army base, they already have official
non-profit status, and they even inherited an existing computer collection.
They found our group, and we found them, via mutual contacts at the Trenton
Computer Festival.  Turns out they wanted to find a group of people who
could manage their collection.  So basically they are "giving" us a museum
to run.  A few of us already toured the base and they've got dozens and
dozens of acres of land and empty buildings.  At one point they took us to a
building called "the library" (the base was also a college at one point) and
they said, oh, that building's yours!  We also learned that part of the
collection we're getting includes an actual ENIAC card.  Cool!

Our club isn't listed yet, but the facility itself is at (our
club is temporarily at ) ...
I guess the moral of all this is that it's helpful to make computer museums
part of existing, related facilities, rather than trying to start from

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> Personally I wouldn't give anything to anyone who didn't have space 
> for it already though - they should be able to amass enough of a 
> collection first to know if it's viable, get some display space, and 
> then put out an appeal to enthusiasts.
> cheers
> Jules
This helps me understand why there is very little reponse to my JUST A BUCK
campaign asking for $1 from each person that visit's the museum website. 
There seems to be very little(if any) help for start-ups in the museum
sector.  I have seem two computer museum starts-ups get large funding help
but the people starting them were already rich and their friends gave big
bucks ( 1 million  or more).

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