DEC 11/45 build

vrs vrs at
Sat Jul 9 10:01:31 CDT 2005

From: "Jay West" <jwest at>
> I had written....
> >>I have two other H960 racks, guess I'll have to add one to the /45 and
> >>make it a dual bay system. The other H960 will probably go to the 11/34
> >>restoration.
> And..... I was wrong. Just checked and I only have one other H960 rack.
> means if I go with a dual bay /45, I have no H960 to mount the /34 in.
> Bummer. I'll just have to find a way to mount the /34 in one of those
> white corporate cabinets. Not as common of a setup as the H960's, but I'm
> not really up for freighting another H960, trying to find more side
> panels... etc. So choosing between the two, I'll use my only other H960 to
> make the /45 dualbay.

Won't that leave you with another set of side panels -- The ones that would
have gone on the 11/34?


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